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Transaction And Legal Advisory

Do you need help with a transaction or professional advice concerning a crucial matter? Our pool of lawyers has got vast experience in different aspects, and is very ready to serve you, and keep you out of legal trouble. Learn More.


We boast of a team of experienced litigation lawyers, ready to represent you in both local and international litigation matters. File that lawsuit with us and let us help help you find redress. Learn More.

Policy Analysis And Advisory

At Crownel Co. Ltd, we have a wealth of policy analysts and advisors ready to assess and advise different bodies on the strength and weaknesses of intended policies, existing policies, as well as broadcast the potential of these. Learn More.

Key Areas

Religious Freedoms

This is at the very core of our existence. We recognize that we each ascribe to certain spiritual attunements. We also recognize the increasing rate of clumping down on religious freedoms world over. We exist to offer a platform that challenges any restriction to the sanctity of the freedom of worship, by closing the knowledge gap, supporting litigation in this area, and policy analysis of any negative intended laws that may affect this right. Learn More.


A healthy population is the strength of every nation. Every nation has a duty to ensure that its citizens have access to proper and well-equipped medical facilities, as well as a clean and healthy environment. We are engaged in frontline advocacy for the fulfillment of this duty, building partnerships with key stakeholders, and enhancing public knowledge on various aspects of the right to health.

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Every child has the right to education. We recognize the fact that in this day and age, various challenges have arisen to upset access to quality and wholistic education programs. We build bridges with key stakeholders and engage in advocacy on – various fronts – for increased access to education, and better facilitation of programs meant to provide access to education for all. Learn More

Meet The Team

Ritah Habasa Kamusiime

Ritah Habasa Kamusiime

Legal Counsel

Evelyne Naikoba

Evelyne Naikoba

Chief Executive Officer

Prima Kyomugisha

Prima Kyomugisha

Head Advocacy

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Recent News

Faith Based Leaders Sue The Government Over Closure Of Places Of Worship

On the 03rd of August 2021, Pastor Wisdom Katumba Peter of Charis Fellowship Limited and Imaam Bbaale Muhammed of the Majid Taqwa of Lubowa filed a suit in the High Court of Uganda, Civil Division against the Attorney General,Minister of Health and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health over the discriminatory and prolonged ban on religious gatherings. This notice of motion for declatory orders was filed under Article 50, Articles 8A, 7,20 ,21,29,37 of the Constitution.

Open places of worship, Government urged

In a zoom session titled “Protecting Freedom of Worship: Reflections on closure of places of worship during Covid-19” last evening, five panellists calling themselves defenders of religion, reasoned that the closure of places of worship amounts to infringement of the citizens’ rights to worship which is provided for in the Constitution. Many people don’t have access to television sets or internet to have and follow church online since that is the only way church is being conducted.

Mandatory Inoculation: The Real Politics Behind It

The World is abuzz with the debate about mass vaccination as reports have made the rounds for some time now concerning the integrity, authenticity and safety of vaccines that are being administered all over the world and particularly Africa. With all that is being unveiled about vaccination and the resulting negative effects on recipients (with evidence), one wonders why African Governments including ours have turned a deaf ear and religiously taken to the vaccination agenda.

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