Legal Representations

Mr. Moses Ishimwe Rutare

Towards the close of 2018, Mr. Moses Ishimwe Rutare (a Rwandan National residing in Uganda) while attending a meeting in Bugolobi was kidnapped by CMI operatives. Crownel Crownel Co. in coordination with Counsel Daniel Walyemera of Walyemera and Co. Advocates unrelentingly worked to secure his release and subsequent acquittal of the charges levied against him. During this period, correspondences were also made with Moses’ family in Rwanda in a bid to secure his freedom. Media campaigns were launched on our Facebook page with articles running[1] with the hashtag #FreeMosesIshimwe. On 6th June 2019, the charges lodged against Moses were dropped and he has since returned to Rwanda, a free man.


[1] on the habeas corpus application and on the bail order that was secured eventually.

Mr. Joseph Kabuleta

In July 2019, Crownel Co. upon the arrest and detention of Mr. Joseph Kabuleta along with our Chairman Mr. Matsiko Godwin Muhwezi offered legal support up until they were released and charges dropped. (We can insert the link to the articles on this in the news section)

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

In October 2019, Crownel Co. formed part of the legal team representing a spiritual leader named Prophet Elvis Mbonye on trumped-up charges regarding utterances against vaccination under Section 23(2) of the Immunisation Act of Uganda. All charges against him were eventually dropped by the State due to absence of any incriminating evidence. (We can insert the link to the articles on this in the news section).

The Unconditional Reopening of Places of Worship

In September 2021, our Chief Executive Evelyne Naikoba, Pr. Micheal Kiganda, Dr. Zedriga Lina, Alice Alaso, Hon. Ronald Baliwenzo Nsubuga, Semakula Asuman Lule and Bishop Livingstone Mugabi dragged the government to the Constitutional Court demanding for the unconditional reopening of places of worship,seeking to obtain from court to issue a permanent order restraining government from further closure of places of worship; as well as to declare that the decision by the government to close churches and other places of worship was illegal, discriminatory and all together unconstitutional.