About Crownel Co.

Who we are, what we offer & why we do.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is guided by our desire to uphold and commit to God’s holy moral order in both private and public life. 

Our mandate is guided by our mission which is to advance fair, excellent and consistent administration of and access to justice, through legal service provision and thought leadership on a wide range of issues affecting human life, from a Godly perspective.

Mission & Purpose

Our vision which is to be a prime, trusted and adept entity; renowned for excellent and cutting-edge service delivery.

Our Beliefs & Values

We are actively engaged in educating and empowering the religious community regarding their legal rights, creating awareness regarding potential infringement on religious freedoms, advising and assisting religious institutions whose religious rights have been threatened.


It is with the understanding of the core role played by faith/spirituality in shaping every aspect of one’s existence and its deep seated roots within the very fabric of society, that we appreciate its outstretched influence even in matters of law and justice. 

We therefore exist to promote and protect the constitutional right afforded to every Ugandan to manifest their spiritual practices and live out their faith in every arena of life.


We engage with state entities and the government on any policies and legislations that may negatively impact on the freedoms of citizens by committing to truth as part of justice and therefore an appropriate virtue to be proclaimed in our legal Justice System.


We believe in the freedom of religion, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of assembly and association, right to education, right to life, and are opposed to any attempt to superimpose the State as the highest authority in matters of faith.

Crownel Co. Ltd is a premium legal advocacy organisation comprising a pool of skilled legal professionals, established in January 2019 under the laws of Uganda to offer robust legal services and thought leadership on matters touching religious and civil liberties.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to read a document before signing?

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How do I know if a deal is bad?

Always make sure you understand what you are about to agree to and that you fully comprehend your side of the bargain.