Inter State Cooperation and Development

Uganda has had a unique and pivotal role in the politics and security of the Great Lakes Region. Recently the leadership of the country decided to prioritize economic diplomacy as a way to strengthen relations with neighbours and engineer sustainable economic relations. Crownel Co. is cognisant that there is less than 15% intra trade on the African Continent and a bigger divide between Francophone oriented and Commonwealth leaning countries. Leveraging on its portfolio of highly trained, multi lingua and multi sector practitioners Crownel Co. hopes to support the government and private sector in the ambition to connect the Continent by trade links.

 In May 2019, our Board chair-Mr. Matsiko Godwin Muhwezi represented Crownel Co. as the sole legal services provider on a delegation from the Uganda government and members of the private sector on a scoping visit to the Republic of the Congo (Congo Brazzaville) to negotiate mutual trade and investment interests between the two countries. Meetings were held with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises, Crafts and Informal Sector, Agency for Promotion of Investments, Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Agriculture.

Notably, the language gap and difference in legal systems provided an opportunity for Crownel Co. to help both governments translate, negotiate and harmonise their bilateral trading conversations, synchronize both legal systems for trading purposes, train the different stakeholders on key considerations and to advise investors on implications of their investments.