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The World is abuzz with the debate about mass vaccination as reports have made the rounds for some time now concerning the integrity, authenticity and safety of vaccines that are being administered all over the world and particularly Africa. At the centre of this narrative is renowned philanthropist and founder of Microsoft –Bill Gates who has for a long time now sunk billions of US Dollars into health and food security initiatives around the World under the auspices of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; with reports linking him to some criminal activity with support from government officials and the United Nations.

His vaccination projects have been linked to reports of autism, mass human sterilization; not to mention deaths following administration of vaccines and yet he continues to be the sole distributor of vaccines around the World.

Recently, a report was published on the devastating effects of the UN sponsored tetanus vaccine (believed to contain an anti-fertility agent) which was administered massively in 2014 in Kenya and which is alleged to have caused far reaching negative effects on the reproductive health of many women and girls including barrenness or sterilization and other related complications. After several lab tests doctors in Kenya confirmed that the said vaccine in fact contained a sterilizing agent. Some vaccines are said to contain ingredients that many are ignorant about for the reason that they never read the fact sheets. Some ingredients include genetic material obtained from….WAIT FOR IT aborted fetuses!!!! Some vaccines have even been proven to contain live viruses despite claims of vaccine attenuation. Therefore, while there are mass vaccination exercises being carried out, some children are going to actually be infected with the disease supposedly being vaccinated against.

What is worse is that several years ago the Vaccine Industry reportedly approached the US Congress and obtained absolute legal immunity granted to the entire industry for any vaccine listed on the entire childhood vaccination schedule. One therefore cannot even sue the manufacturers in the event of vaccine related complications because the Supreme Court of the United States of America already pronounced itself on this (see its 2011 verdict in the Russell and Robalee Bruesewitz’s lawsuit citing the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 ) and no lower court can deal otherwise. The Supreme Court upheld the High Court decision that this Act preempts all design defect claims against vaccine manufacturers brought by plaintiffs who seek compensation for injury or death caused by vaccine side effects. Thus, the only option available would be to go to a secret US Vaccine Court run by the very Vaccine Industry (reported to have already paid out over 3 Billion US Dollars to victims of vaccine injury) which denies almost all claims of vaccine damage and has secretly allowed this injustice to go on.

Bill Gates has allegedly been in the habit of using monetary bribes disguised as philantropic  donations to compromise African leaders to take actions with devastating consequences for their nations. What is even more amazing is that Bill Gates himself is reported to have rejected vaccination of his own children and has repeatedly had a “slip of the tongue” on camera concerning the link between his vaccination campaigns and population control in Africa.

Why are Developing Countries silent?

With all that is being unveiled about vaccination and the resulting negative effects on recipients (with evidence), one wonders why African Governments including ours have turned a deaf ear and religiously taken to the vaccination agenda; even to the point of threatening prosecution, fines and imprisonment for lack of compliance. It is simply because they have taken colossal bribes in form of donations in billions of dollars from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and related companies and must do whatever it takes to ensure the success of this massive campaign. This also explains the influx of ideas ranging from genetic engineering for food security, climate change and imminent disease outbreaks, and the haste with which they are acted on by way of legislation and mandatory implementation. One thing is clear and sure– so much has been revealed which is impossible to ignore. The question then is, do our governments ever really investigate these claims or are they simply quick to jump to the opportunity and dance to the tunes of the propagators of these clandestine projects which Africa supposedly is in dire need of?


Obviously, a conscious decision has been taken to hide very critical information from the masses which is in breach of the procedure required under medical ethics. The State will instead rubbish claims of the dangers of these vaccines (moreover with evidence), as conspiracy theories and anti government propaganda. Which begs the question, what is the State hiding even in the face of all these claims and evidence? The fact is our governments are very aware of what they are doing and are in cohorts with the perpetrators of this evil; obviously for monetary and power related reasons.

On 16th July 2019, the New Vision- a leading government sponsored news daily published a report stating that hundreds of pupils had been given a fake vaccine and that 7 schools were affected. In April 2018, the New Vision also reported discovery of a counterfeit Hepatitis B vaccine which was confiscated in part and which had been massively administered in January and February 2018. The National Drug Authority (NDA) which is the official regulator of the drugs sector is said to have conducted investigations and found fake samples in select health facilities in Kampala, Ntungamo, Mbale and Mbarara Districts. All samples in Mbarara were apparently found with inconsistencies and to date no arrests or prosecutions have been made or done in this regard. One is at pains to understand how such samples could have been distributed and massively administered, unbeknownst to inspection officials at the NDA; right under their watch. Were these samples at least lab tested for authenicity before distribution? After all, this would not be the first time fake medicines and vaccines were sneaked into Uganda for the NDA to have been got off guard. Similar reports of projects patronised by the Minister of Education and Sports and First Lady of Uganda in the North Eastern region of Uganda and schools across the country have surfaced detailing vaccine related violations; with the First Lady on “learning” of the inauthenticity and danger of these vaccines, simply apologising for the hiccups. And the above, are but an iota of the largely unreported cases of vaccine related malpractices going on in this country. Could the NDA, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Sports deliberately be turning a blind eye to our detriment?

What about informed consent?

This week (16th-20th October 2019), parents and guardians in Uganda were beseiged with the onset of a mandatory Measles, Mumps and Rubella Virus vaccination campaign by Government in schools. Was the permission granted by parents/guardians to these schools done in full knowledge of the posssible consequences (risks and benefits)? Reports all over the world indicate that this particular vaccine has been previously recalled by State governments owing to the undesirable and debilitating effects (including death) that it has had on many recipients. This very vaccine was previously recalled by a US vaccine and anti-infectives Biotech Company named Chiron after having been widely distributed to some countries; following results of their pharmacovigilance which suggested that there was a higher risk of adverse effects (including fever, allergic reactions and swollen glands) for its product in comparison with other MMR vaccines. Bottom line, this is clear confession that the vaccine in question has adverse effects. Obviously, if vaccines can kill and cause serious and debilitating lifelong damage which they can, and do, it is imperative that the vaccine administrator must provide that information to the client, in an unambiguous fashion, regardless of the estimated risk. It is an ethical mandate that must be fulfilled, but never is. With the ethical legal requirement of informed consent to any medical procedure that can be done, it is shocking that parents have been kept in the dark on the necessary information including the risks and effects of these vaccines. The number of parents reporting changes in the health, development and well being of their children following vaccination is increasing and this can no longer be ignored. Moreover, the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda is said to have started secretly administering cervical cancer vaccines to young girls in schools in the absence of the knowledge and consent of parents.

What is even more telling and disturbing is the coercion that the State is employing to get all vaccinated to the extent of passing a policy requirement for vaccination cards for all children as eligibility for admission at kindergarten or primary school level. And while we thought Africa was the only damping ground for such garbage, all 50 States on the North American Continent now require children to be vaccinated prior to joining day care, kindergarten and pre school. In New York,  State Senator (Brad Hoylman) proposed a Bill pushing for mandatory vaccination of all children born after 1st January 2008 against the human papillomavirus (HPV). This is a requirement for all children to enter day care facilities even though it is not approved or recommended for children under 9 years. If the final appellate Court of the land where these vaccines are manufactured could pronounce itself in favour of the unscrupulous vaccination industry, this decision by extension affects all States around the World accessing these vaccines; which leaves them with one known option– to massively boycott these vaccine products.

So much is certainly at stake and the people of Africa not to mention people around the World must wake up and rise against these injustices. One wonders why the West and the far East are clamouring for Africa–a Continent truly in dire straits as many with selfish political, social and economic interests will come bearing solutions to problems they themselves caused in the first place– simply to maintain relevance on this Continent. What is even infuriating and beyond belief is that our very own governments are in the thick of the secret agendas against the welfare of our people simply for the large financial handouts. The same is true for the agenda to propagate development and growth of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) where governments have been hoodwinked into legislating for the successful implementation of GMOs by companies that are taking the World by storm and needless to say, inducing the right atmosphere for potential and imminent human slavery.

Considering the above, questions arise as to whether the ethical and legal requirement of informed consent is beginning to be done away with and whether it is legal for one to be forcefully put under a medical procedure which could have adverse effects to one’s life and has been reported to actually have the potential to. In the event of vaccine damage, do Ugandans have recourse to legal action and a guarantee that the Court will rule in their favour? Or will this lucrative and wicked government-run scheme prevail to the detriment of the lives of our children and our people?

As is the modus operandi of the current regime in Uganda, a legislation (Immunisation Act, 2017) is already place to effect this agenda. Part II of this Act makes provision for mandatory vaccination of day care, pre primary and Primary school-going children among other things with sanctions for non compliance. The Act in Section 22 also exempts medical practitioners from  liability, and further under Section 23 goes on to muzzle any person who makes, causes to be made, or publishes what it terms as “misleading statement or information” regarding the use or effect of any vaccine; which certainly suggests premeditated knowledge of inconsistences with the vaccines.  Obviously, this law was sneaked into enactment as there is no record of a thorough nationwide citizen consultation on the actual sensitive contents of this law and it is no wonder that the law does not even provide for notification of the client or public on the actual consequences (positive or otherwise) of the vaccines; not to mention the need to obtain informed consent from parents or guardians.

Parliament of Uganda approved this legislation on the evening of 15th December 2015 despite reservations expressed by Obongi County MP-Hon. Hassan Kaps Fungaroo on the safety of children in the country, following mandatory immunisation campaigns. One thing is certain and clear though — there is a smoking gun and the State has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.

The recent facade of seeking consent from parents or guardians therefore by schools such as Green Hill Academy where this campaign was launched this week, was simply that, as some children were forcefully vaccinated in the absence of consent from their parents. We therefore commend the parents who through their legal representatives Mulindwa Associates and Co. Advocates have since served the school Head Teacher and the Minister of Health with a notice of intention to sue dated 18th October 2019; following forceful vaccination of their two daughters despite their communication not to.

An action in the public interest is certainly in order, not to mention a class action by victims of vaccine related complications in this country, if any sanity and safety is to be guaranteed in the health sector. Parents have the right to and should be allowed to opt out of a vaccination exercise, for personal, religious and alternative medical beliefs.

All well meaning citizens, and advocates of the constitutionally guaranteed rights to life and health, must arise and bring our government to account. It is better to be safe than sorry.